Music Space

We have a large amount of space here for rehearsing, recording and performance. There are three spaces with Grand Pianos, the largest of which you can see in the Clickng Room video below. In addition we have a drum room, a vocal booth, and an extra 100sq metres of carpeted attic space. The pianos are a Weber, a Challen, and a very special Yamioli. This is the Yamaha that used to reside in the CTS studios at Wembley, heard on hundreds of records and film recordings, and now retrofitted with an amazing Fazioli soundboard!

We provide some basic recording equipment - DPA, Shure, and Rode mics, headphones, stands and firewire interfaces, as well as XLR snakes and connections between the ground floor rooms, and can supply an engineer with all the hardware and software for your recording needs. Many bands bring their own!

Some marvellous recordings have been made here, engineered by the talented and versatile double bass player Andrew Cleyndert, including the Norma Winstone/Bobby Wellins album with Stan Tracey, Andrew Cleyndert and Clark Tracey Amoroso..only more so and saxophonist Karen Sharp's second album Wait and See

Some bands come to the Shoefactory to rehearse for an afternoon. Some move in for a week, when they really need to get into their material. Joanna Eden has been here with her trio, as has Phil Danter with Straight On Red, and the young band Alchemy. We offer hourly rates as well as daily residential rates. Please have a look over on our For Hire page for more details. Meanwhile, check out the Clicking Room!