" I just wanted to say - what a fabulous day it was today. Thanks to you both for everything. I came away hugely inspired. And with your amazing cooking, which was out of this world, it's like I need a new language to express it all! Dave Lewis is an amazing player - a rare and inspirational guy in so many ways - such brilliance in someone so chilled!  I saw less of Mark Lockheart, but he comes across with enormous experience and a kind of centred "cool" which pervades everything. You seem to have a knack for finding the best. The outside world and all my worries just vanished for the duration, and you guys somehow contrive to unlock potential I never knew I had. I was trying to think - how could I re-live that experience in future? Of course, one can't except in memory. Honestly, if you could bottle it, you'd be richer than Coco Chanel. But as always, for the best things in life - we have to be there. I'm looking forward to the next one....." (David B)

"I really enjoyed the vocal & guitar days.  It was great to sing with such a great bunch of musos. Foodwise I actually think that you are even better this year than in previous years, with the lamb shanks & poached pears being dishes that particularly stick in the memory....."

(Martin V)

"Thank you very much for a fantastic day on Saturday. Great teaching, company and of course food. The main thing is that it has set me up for a practising method for the next year or two! The material from Trevor Tomkins on rhythm was a revelation. Dave Cliff gave me a lot of ideas about working up the standards...." (Larry G)

"Thanks for a great course. Definitely the best course I've been on so far - exactly the right level for me. As I said, put me down for the next one..!" (Tim F)

"Just to say thanks again for yesterday. I feel really inspired to rush off and do loads of practice. Lovely food, beautiful venue, and such nice people...." (Mary P)