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Pilates is the perfect exercise solution to our current lifestyle!


It will help:

  • increase fitness and improve body awareness
  • injury prevention
  • rehabilitation
  • improve mental agility and technique for athletes, dancers and professional sports people
  • improve coordination
  • reduce stress
  • improve posture
  • retrain the body to move safely and efficiently

(Karen Grinter)

For more details, visit Pilates Face and Body

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Make time for your Health and Well Being!

  • beat stress
  • ease joint stiffness
  • improve breathing complaints
  • strengthen the immune system
  • relieve back pain
  • increase flexibility
  • tone muscle
  • sleep better
  • bring peace and calm to your life
  • understand the art of relaxation
  • and much more!

Yoga is a useful life tool, a science and a path of discovery

(Juliet Walker)

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Belly Dancing Vanessa Clipsham teaching Belly Dancing

Vanessa Clipsham brings this ancient art to the Shoefactory at Rushden


Vanessa has been involved with bellydancing for over 10 years and holds the JWAAD (Jo Wise Academy of Arabic Dance) Teaching Diploma. She is also a member of the Tarab Dance Company.
  • Bellydance (Middle Eastern Dance) is a wonderful and beautiful dance form suitable for all ages
  • Many moves involve isolation, which improves flexibility of the torso
  • Dancing with veils helps build strength in the upper back, arms and shoulders
  • Dates: As from 21 July 2010 classes will be held at the Shoefactory at Rushden on Wednesday evenings
  • Times: 7 – 8pm (Beginners) 8 – 9pm (Improvers)


Please contact Vanessa on 07952 684354 for more information